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Trip Information

The waters of Cape Cod Bay provide some of the most rewarding sportfishing on the East Coast. We offer both half day as well as full day trips targeting striped bass and bluefish. Most often on these trips we are fishing within only a half hour of leaving the dock. If you are more interested in an offshore experience, an exteneded full day trip to the nearby waters of Stellwagen Bank are perfect for chasing both tuna and sharks. Cape Cod Bay also offers exciting bottom fishing opportunities for flounder, sea bass and an occasional tautog. These trips are an interesting and fun change for those who would like to experience something new. No matter what your interests, we can customize a trip that will meet your needs.

Here are some of our most popular trips. These trips serve up to 6 passengers with all the necessary tackle provided for you during your trip. Our crew is happy to clean and bag your catch for you as well.  Listed fees do not include a customary 15-20% tip to the mate on board.  Departure times are to be determined following consultation with the Captain. Don't forget, we are always able to customize your trip. 


  • Half Day:

    • Duration:  4 hour trip

    • Targets:  Striped Bass as well as Bluefish

    • Fee:  $700


  • Half Day Plus:  We can accommodate trips longer than 4 hours up to a maximum of 8 hours.

    • Duration:  4-8 Hours

    • Targets:  Striped Bass as well as Bluefish

    • Fee:  Half day fee plus hourly rate - $700 + $50/hour


  • Full Day:  Full day allows for more travel time to get to ideal fishing spots.

    • Duration:  8 hours

    • Targets:  Striped Bass as well as Bluefish

    • Fee:  $1000


  • Extened Full Day Offshore:  Designed for more experienced anglers or those interested in chasing more big game species

    • Duration:  10+ hours

    • Targets: Tuna and sharks

    • Fee: Call for specifics on pricing


  • Evening cruise:  Fishing not for you?! Enjoy a private Cape Cod sunset cruise.

    • Duration: 2 hour

    • Targets: Relaxation and fun. This trip can be tailored to meet your exact interests. Due to the shorter trip length this is not designed as a fishing trip.  

    • Fee: $250

Book a Trip


  • Contact Captain Scott Graf for information about available dates and times.

  • A $100 Deposit is necessary to secure a date and time.

  • Balance is due on board.

  • We accept Cash, Check, Credit Cards and Venmo.

  • A customary tip of 15-20% for the services of the mate is not included in the price of the trip.

  • Cancelations will be determined by the captain based on current sea conditions as well as forecasted wind speed and direction.

  • Please note that trips do sail in the rain (YES fish do bite in the rain!)

  • If you must cancel with less than 2 weeks notice your deposit may be transferred for use on a future date on board the Reel Grit. 

What to Bring


  • Camera

  • Sunscreen

  • Windbreaker

  • Sweatshirt or warmer clothes

  • Cooler and ice for food and drinks as well as your catch

  • Any food or drink you may wish (Beer and wine is acceptable to bring on board)

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